Hello there!

My name is Max. I’m a quantitative social scientist passionate about hierarchical Bayesian modeling, especially in Stan.

I’ve always had an interest in politic and economic phenomena and how to make sense of them through models and data. I strongly believe that domain expertise through informed priors and quantification of uncertainty through probabilistic reasoning are pinnacle of statistical modeling. I love exploring data, building bespoke models, and visualizing key insights.

This blog will be a collection of different things. Nice things that I’ve learned on my journey through the land of statistics. Some things that I see myself and others struggling with… and maybe the occasional rant.

In my spare time I try to help people fitting their models in Stan over at discourse.mc-stan.org. It seems like everyone who is into Bayesian statistics is also into modeling sports data – at least the male part of that group. I’m into soccer stats, or, since I’m European, football stats. So you can expect some of the posts in this blog to be about that, too.

Check out my CV for more info about me.